Lifting the Common Man by Wealth Distribution on Pulsechain Ecosystem

PulseFaith token will launch on Pulsechain and seeks to distribute wealth to its holders through a unique mechanism

PulseFaith Features


Pulsefaith token was created with the intention of the community at heart. Therefore, 30% of the total supply would be burned at launch. This takes huge supply off the market to allow for better price appreciation.

The Sigmund Wallet

1% received from the contract, will go into this locked wallet, which will be renounced at launch. It will be used to buy and burn $PF. This address will always be public to the community.


Every 24 hour, the contract receives a total of 5% it acquires and rewards a random holder of PulseFaith token. How excited would you be to receive such luck?

PulseFaith Principle

We love all products of Richard Heart and are strong believers of his principles. Hence, PulseFaith has no admin keys, cannot be censored and will always remain immutable to ensure funds are SAFU for the best interest of our community.


PulseFaith has a fixed supply of 100,000,000 units and only becomes delationary through its dynamic mechanism of $PF burning

Due to the plans of our vision, PulseFaith token would require a small tax of 7% buy and 7% sell

Tax distribution would follow:
The following below would come from the 7% above:
Sigmund Wallet--1%
No Expectation---1% (It could be used for the benefits of the project)

Supply distribution would follow:

Liquidity---- 20%

whichever way, we see you win with PulseFaith token( Not financial advice. As always, do your due research)